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Workplace Accident Lawyers

Workplace Accident Attorneys in Chicago

If you were hurt while on the job you may be entitled to compensation. Our Chicago workers compensation attorneys can help you with your injury. Most jobs qualify for protection under Illinois Worker’s Compensation laws. Your employer and their insurance should assist in paying for your medical bills, doctors visits, wage loss, and compensation for the deterioration of your body.

In Illinois, employers are prohibited from retaliating against a worker who makes a worker’s compensation claim. Know your rights. Call Tschiggfrie Legal for a free consultation for your worker’s compensation case. We won’t take action until you say it’s ok. 

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Our Illinois workplace accident attorneys and personal injury attorneys will seek the best compensation for you.  As a firm focused on personal injury with specialties in workplace accident injury claims, we know what it takes and the required focus and dedication from an experienced team. We are the top choice for all workplace accidents.  Call us today.

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