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Chicago Tax Appeal Lawyer

Tax Appeal Attorney

People who own property in Illinois pay property taxes over the course of each year. As the state and city budgets spin out of control, property tax increases get higher and higher. You have your legal rights to make a property tax appeal. To someone who does not practice tax law, the process of adjustment possibly looks complicated. 

No tax appeal matter is difficult for our team of attorneys at Tschiggfrie Legal – Chiglegal to handle. We have decreased the amount of property taxes charged across Illinois on a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial properties for our clients.

Tax Appeal Areas That We Handle

Tschiggfrie Legal - Chiglegal is a law firm specializing in industrial, commercial, and residential property tax appeals. We serve Chicago, and Illinois as a whole. Our tax attorneys provide leadership and advice on areas including:

  • Industrial Properties

  • Commercial Properties

  • Residential Properties


Property Tax Assessment

If you have been puzzled by your recent tax assessment, there is a fair chance the assessment is not right. Most assessments are an informed guess at best. There are several factors which can affect your assessment, that include:

  • Property Condition — A property rendered unusable by fire, flood, or other conditions may be eligible for vacancy relief.

  • Vacancies on the property — An assessor may presume that your building operates at capacity. But if, because of circumstances outside your control, you were unable to find commercial or residential tenants, you merit a lower assessment.

  • A temporary decline in rental income due to renovations — If required repairs reduce the building’s revenue, you have the right to tax relief.

  • Similar assessments in your locality — Under the law equally applies to taxation. If lower assessments have been obtained of similar properties in your area, yours should be brought into accordance.


  • COVID complications- If your property has been adversely influenced by complications with the COVID pandemic, you may be entitled to reductions.


Evaluating Tax Records

You can get a copy of your tax record from the assessor's office, with the assistance of one of our lawyers. This will offer you and your lawyer the opportunity to examine it and decide whether it includes any incorrect or inaccurate data that could have caused the assessor and assess your property for an unusually high sum.

Contact our Chicago Tax Appeal Attorneys

Our team at Tschiggfrie Legal understands and consult on all aspects of property tax appeals, including taxable and valued value appeals, various exemptions available, assessment and appraisal procedure, levies, special assessments, and all other matters related to property tax.

Get in touch Tschiggfrie Legal today to discuss your Tax Appeal matter. The consultation is free!

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Our Chicago tax appeal attorneys will seek the best tax relief for you.  As a firm focused on taxes and estate planning in Illinois, we know what it takes and the required focus and dedication from an experienced team. No tax appeal case is too complex for our team. Get what is rightfully yours. Call us today.

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