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Illinois Property Damage Attorney

Property Damage Attorney

If your property was damaged and you need options, call Tschiggfrie Legal. We handle a variety of property damage claims. If there is a need for a car accident lawyer for property damage, bad home repairs, and wind damage, fire damage, flooding claims just to name a few. If your property was damaged by no fault of your own and you need a lawyer to get you squared away, give us a call.


Even if you had no insurance at the time, our lawyers may be able to help you recover for damaged property.  Often times the at-fault insurance won’t pay you full value for the value of your property. If you were on “liability only” coverage, you may not have any other recourse but to deal with their insurance or file a lawsuit. Why not let us handle that for you? Make sure you’re getting a fair shake. Call us.

Types Of Property Damages

Lighting Damage

Lightning can cause a fire, building damage, and house appliance damage in a matter of seconds turning your life upside down

Water Damage

Water can cause major destruction to property and mold so that the home is not livable.  Insurance policies routinely cover water damage, but flood damage is handled differently. 

Wind Damage

A tornado can last for a few minutes and can cause major property damage. Tornados and wind storms can ruin families, homes, and can cause major hardship. 


Pipe Burst


Fire Damage


Roof Damage

Pipe Bursts is very common and can occur at homes or offices. Most pipe bursts because the water freezes inside the pipe and expands. 

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Fire damage can be caused by accident or purposeful. The effects of fire damage can be major and can take away your home, your possessions, and life

Roof damage can be caused by poorly constructed or maintained roofs along with wind damage.   


Go With Experience, Go With Tschiggfrie Legal 

Get a Free Case Review

Our Illinois property damage and personal injury attorneys will seek the best compensation for you.  As a firm focused on personal injury with specialities in property damage claims  on houses, cars, etc., we know what it takes and the required focus and dedication from an experienced team. We are the top choice for all major property damage claims  Call us today.

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