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Chicago Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning cannot be ignored by any person, no matter their age, income, or assets. Proper estate planning can protect not only your wishes but also the best interests of your loved ones after your death or in the event of your incapacity. Planning on how your estate will be disposed once you pass away is important so that your future generation does not need to suffer.  


Understanding the Importance of Estate Planning

Estate planning is focused on many issues: the accumulation of assets and earnings, the protection of assets, the distribution of assets after death, and the elimination of administrative costs and confusion during your lifetime and after death. It might sound simple but it isn't easy to handle alone. Some problems, such as probate administration and inheritance taxes, can prevent the administration and distribution of your assets according to your wishes.

Our Chicago based estate planning lawyers know that estate planning is about ensuring peace of mind for you and providing your loved ones with sufficient resources. Having a will and a plan in place can actually save your loved ones time and money in the long run.


We are handling all types of Estate Planning tools

Our team has the experience and skills to help you with different types of estate planning tools and strategies. They include:

  • Wills: A Will is an important tool of your estate plan and can be very simple if it operates in combination with a living trust or if it is a standalone document. A Will can name your executor and decide where your property should go after your death; it can also be used to assign your minor or disabled children a guardian.

  • Powers of Attorney: Power of Attorneys enable you to choose another person who can make decisions your behalf if you are unable to make decisions on your own


Even a basic estate plan, particularly for young parents, is important. For your minor children, we can help you appoint

guardians for an unforeseen event if both parents suddenly die or become incapacitated.


Estate Administration and Probate

The process of probate administration can be long, costly, and intrusive. While we work with clients to avoid the probate process, it can't be avoided in some occasions. We assist executors or other persons through the process.

Top Chicago Estate Planning Attorneys

The strategies for estate planning our team prepares are designed exclusively to protect your assets and pass them according to your wishes, reduce taxes, pass on values, and protect beneficiaries.

We provide a wide range of estate planning services across Illinois for estates of all sizes. Contact Tschiggfrie Legal today to speak with us.

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Our Chicago estate planning attorneys will seek the best solution for you.  As a firm focused on estate planning & taxes in Illinois, we know what it takes and the required focus and dedication from an experienced team.  Call us today.

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