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Construction Accident Law Firm Chicago


Construction is among the dangerous jobs in the U.S. In the construction industry one in ten employees is injured each year. If you or a loved one is injured on a construction site, our attorneys for construction accidents in Chicago will be of assistance.

At Tschiggfrie Legal in Chicago, our team of professional construction accident injury attorneys will help you obtain justice and full compensation. It's quite likely with these types of numbers that you or someone you know has had some sort of construction accident. Construction accidents can vary from minor to serious, and can sometimes be fatal.

Common types of Chicago Construction Accident Injuries 

Injuries sustained from these accidents can include:

  • Loss of eyesight

  • Loss of hearing

  • Broken bones

  • Burn injuries

  • Coma

  • Concussions

  • Paralysis

  • Spinal cord damage

  • TBI

Injuries from construction accidents can damage the victim and his family for life. Nobody can take away the pain and suffering, but having an experienced Illinois construction accident injury lawyer at your side will make all the difference to evaluate your case and help you through the process.

Protecting your rights by conducting a thorough investigation

Working with experts, investigating authorities, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), our construction lawyers will investigate the accident scene carefully and take the appropriate legal steps to protect the evidence. We will get to the bottom of the case — if the construction injury was caused by negligence we will find out what the reason was.

Determining Liability for a Construction Accident in Illinois

There is a possibility that several people will be held responsible for the injury because construction accidents result from various causes. Our attorneys conduct a thorough investigation to determine who caused your accident, and why. Some of the most common parties to the responsibility include:

  • Construction firms

  • Contractors

  • Owner of the Property

  • Architects

  • Engineers

  • Insurance companies

Whether you have been able to save any proof from the accident or know of a witness who is willing to testify on your behalf, then we will use the information to start determining who is responsible. Your argument would probably also be based on the laws and regulations that your construction company will comply with.

Workers’ Compensation Claim

The Compensation Act of the Illinois Worker provides benefits for injured workers, including construction workers, irrespective of who was responsible for the accident. Workers ' compensation benefits – such as medical costs, incentives for vocational training, and disability payments – depending on the severity of the injury and the wages of the injured worker. While the Act forbids an injured construction worker from suing his or her employer, the injured construction worker might be allowed to bring a claim against any negligent third parties, such as a manufacturer of machinery, a general contractor, or another subcontractor.

Construction Accident Lawyers

At Tschiggfrie Legal in Chicago, We examine each case carefully and put our vast expertise to work to investigate every possible legal avenue for compensation.  Contact our office today for a free consultation with one of our experienced Illinois personal injury attorney.

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