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Chicago Brain Injury Attorney

Chicago Brain Injury Attorney

Brain injuries can be dangerous. A victim may be injured in a car crash or other serious accident, and somehow walk away unharmed in some situations. Our personal injury lawyers the experience representing people suffering from head or brain injuries as the result of a traumatic accident. Not all symptoms reveal instantly, some may take days or months. It's a life-changing injury for many victims, with consequences that can be long-lasting, crippling, and even fatal. The medical costs can financially weaken you. 

At Tschiggfrie Legal located in Illinois and serving entire Chicago, we’re on your side if you or your loved ones have suffered a brain injury and can help you recover damages for the healthcare and medical expenses, any lost wages, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, and disability.

Types of Brain Injuries Include:

  • Concussion: Brain damage and swelling due to a sudden shift in momentum, or impact

  • Diffuse Axonal Injury: Generally associated with automotive accidents, this is caused by heavy head rotation or aggressive shaking.

  • Contusion: A direct, strong brain impact can cause cerebral lacerations and bleeding to the brain.

  • Penetrating Injury: It comes from the impact of a bullet, knife, or sharp object, which causes brain tissue to stretch and rupture.

Other brain injuries can include second-impact syndrome, syndrome locked, anoxic brain injury, hypoxic brain injury, open injury, and closed head injury as well. Workers may be entitled to continued benefits, vocational rehabilitation training, and weekly benefits depending on how a doctor identifies a brain injury. Some of these benefits will be granted for life, while others will be paid over a set period.

Brain Injuries Damages and Compensation

It can be difficult to decide the number of damages to recover, due to the nature of brain injuries. Some injuries are unpredictable since the outcome may vary in the short and long run. Luckily, our attorneys in Chicago have extensive expertise in assessing client compensation, and we'll work to ensure you get the money you need to recover. Our team is also experienced in handling insurance companies.

If you've had a close injury to the head or a traumatic brain injury (TBI), we’re aiming to help you receive financial compensation from the party or parties responsible for your injury. We are happy to help you receive compensation for:

  • Past, current and future medical expenses

  • Continuing medical care needs

  • Loss of wages

  • Loss of income capacity

  • Vocational rehabilitation

  • Pain and suffering

  • Permanent incapacitation

Brain injuries may occur anywhere, but common causes of brain injuries include accidents on: 

  • Slip and Falls

  • Construction sites,

  • Collisions with trucks

  • Falling objects

  • Traffic Accidents

Get in touch with our Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicago

Tschiggfrie Legal represents brain injury victims located in the Chicago area and across Illinois who have suffered brain injuries.

Our professional personal injury attorneys will analyze your situation and discuss your options, as well as communicate with insurance firms and other parties involved with your case to ensure that all your concerns are addressed quickly and properly.

Let Our Personal Injury Team Fight For Your Compensation

As we learn about your case, we can identify the all the areas of compensation that can be awarded such as:

  • Medical Bills

  • Lost Wages

  • Pain and Suffering

  • Mental and Emotional Suffering

  • Depression/Loss of Enjoyment of Life

  • Long Term or Permanent Impairment and Disability


Give us a call today to learn about how our legal team can provide the most compensation for your motorcycle accident.


Go With Experience, Go With Tschiggfrie Legal 

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Our Chicago personal injury attorneys will seek the best compensation for your brain injuries or the loss of a loved one in the case of a wrongful death. As a firm focused on personal injury in Illinois, we know what it takes and the required focus and dedication from an experienced team. No brain injury accident or personal injury case is too complex for our team. Get what is rightfully yours. Call us today.

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