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Chicago Aviation Accident Lawyer

Chicago Aviation Accident Attorneys

 Aviation accidents are dangerous and could lead to severe injury or death. This often massively complicated area of practice requires strong technical and legal know-how.

At Tschiggfrie Legal, our lawyers advise victims of aircraft accidents, crew members, and their families throughout the United States. Our cases involved aircraft of all types including private, corporate, and recreational aircraft. We have a fantastic record of achievement in cases of aviation accidents and helped recover compensation for the injuries and damages of our clients.

Types of Chicago Aviation Accidents

Following are the types of Chicago Aviation Accidents:

  • Commercial Airplane Accidents

  • Commuter Airplane Accidents

  • Charter Plane Accidents

  • Helicopter Accidents

  • Foreign Airplane Accidents

  • Air Ambulance Accidents

Multiple parties may be involved in liability for an aviation accident; for example, airline, aircraft manufacturer, parts/equipment manufacturer, and airport safety personnel. At the outset, we act swiftly to conduct a thorough investigation and gather all the key facts so that we can build our clients the strongest possible case.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

Accidents also lead to death, due to the complexity of aviation itself. Aviation accidents can result from various contributing factors including:

  • Air Traffic Control Negligence. Ground crews are in position at every airport to ensure that all aircraft landing at that airport is safe to land. An air traffic control failure could have led to the accident.

  • Faulty Equipment. It just takes one piece of equipment to bring down an aircraft, whether it be mechanical, hydraulic, electric, or jet engine. When inadequate maintenance or defective manufacturing is reported as the cause of the crash, it may be the responsibility of the equipment manufacturer or those who operate the plane.

  • FAA Regulation Violations. Failure by the airline, pilot, or air traffic controller to conform to the FAA regulations could lead to an aviation accident. In these cases, those who violate such regulations can be sued for compensation for accidents, deaths, or other damages.

  • Pilot Mistake. It is a tremendous responsibility to be the pilot of an aircraft. Those men and women make everyday decisions that impact hundreds of people's lives. Errors in judgment, misuse of equipment, navigational errors, and miscalculation of speed and altitude are just some of the factors which can lead to an airline accident. If mistakes are found to have been made due to negligence, a lawsuit may be brought against the responsible parties. The pilot and the airline business may be the parties responsible.

Deaths caused by Aviation Accidents

Since so many cases include deaths in aviation, it is necessary to consult with an attorney who knows the numerous laws regulating the ability to file wrongful death claims. We handle aviation accident cases which may cause death.

Experienced Chicago Aviation Accident Attorneys 

If your loved one was the victim of a catastrophic aircraft accident or airline crash, you should seek legal help immediately. Contact us and let Tschiggfrie Legal Chicago aviation accident attorneys help you seek the maximum compensation possible. Get in touch with our Chicago Aviation Accident Lawyers today!

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